What does Streetphotography mean to me?

“What does Streetphotography mean to me” is allmost a metaphysical question for me. In this article I will show, what I see in Streetphotography and what it means to me.

First Streetphotography is documentation for me.

With my photos I want to show live in the urban context, mostly in german cities, in our time. That belongs a lot to showing people, so less pictures from me will show only objects. E.g. one of these rare photos:

(Wig Parade, 2018)

Documentation has a long tradition in art and in photography.

Of course one of the first ‘street photographers’ was Pieter Brueghel the elder. If he would had a camera, he would had made street photos. So he didn’t had a camera and made paintings. You could see what I mean e.g. on the picture ‘The peasant dance’ from the year 1567. I don’t have the rights to show the picture here, so following the link to a source, where you can see the picture: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Peasant_Dance

Because of my opinion, that Streetphotography has a documentation purpose, I have difficulties with ‘posed scenes’ (like I mentioned before in an other article). Also such posed scenes photos could have an intense artistic expression and there pictures and artists doing that, which I admire, I wouldn’t take such photos. Perhaps my view on that will change, if I get the occasion.

So actually my photos are moments of life.

(Secret smoker, 2017)

On second sight Streetphotography for me implies a artistic aspect. I’m sorting the good from the bad by looking on the visual expression and photos with a special dynamics. So I get in mind, that my photos must have a certain tension (more on this topic in an other article), but I try to reach a good proportion in the post production. A rule of thirds is the main messure for me.

(Being laughed at, 2018)

Furthermore I’m trying to take into account, that the contrasts and color harmonies should fit. Minimalism is also in some photos an important style to get visual attendance.

(Puppet company, 2018)

At least Streetphotography is relevant for my relaxation. The joy of making creative moments in contrast to my 9-to-5 job is a well of youth for moments of success and luck. Not least the respect because of my followers are a confirmation for what I try to express with my photos. In the end Streetphotography change a part of my life and turn it upside down.

(Upside down, 2018)

With this in mind …

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