Used styles of Streetphotography

Even the Streetphotography has different styles. I’m using most of these different styles as a mixture. Because I don’t want to be reduced to one style. The diversity of the motifs is a challenge for me, with which I’d like to play.

Especially I don’t like to decide between black and white or color. Some motifs are better in BnW, some are better in color. The visual effect is the master!

Now following some styles, which I use in my Streetphotography work, so the viewer could get a overview of my work.

Black and White geometry:

(Lines, 2017)

In this case I use geometrical patterns of different architecture together with persons in relation to this geometry. In most cases the contrast is the main effect.

I use this style not often.

Posters and Persons:

(Listening to the music, 2018)

In this case I use the relation of persons and their habit or gesture in contrast to a nearby commercial poster. In most cases a funny situation is the result. This style means waiting in front of the poster for a while.

I use this style very often.

Motion blur:

(Fashion guardians, 2018)

In this case I use the motion blur because of long shutter speed, to build a contrast between the moving persons as a blurry silhouette to fixed background (posters, other people etc.)

I also use this style often.


(Ghost, 2018)

In this case I use the constrasts between backgrounds and situation in the front. In most cases these pictures are black and white, rarely I use color contrast. To this category belong also the silhouette images.

I use this style also often.


(Mini-scooter, 2018)

In this case a contrast by the motifs exists, resulting in a funny situation. I know, that this style is very popular by streetphotographers, but I use this style only, if the situation is worth to be photographed.


(Crosswalk, 2018)

In this case I use shop windows, mirrors or other reflecting surfaces to get mirror effects of the situation.

I like this style and use it often.

Special case – Street Portraits:

Street-Portraits are a difficult issue. If you make pictures of faces from a close distance, you are in most cases in a situation, that the person starts with posing. Especially in the case, the person gave the permission to be photographed before. Some streetphotographers use flashlight in this cases to illuminate the face.

In my personal opinion, posing-pictures are no Streetphotography, but Portraitphotography. The only difference is, that you shoot the portrait on the street and not in the photo studio.

Streetportraits are imho only those images, which were taken without permission of the photographed person and which have a face-centered division. It is a pity, that these kind of streetportraits are an issue according to the german laws.

Therefore I will show now only a profile photo, which makes an identification of the shown person difficult (in my opinion…).

(White hair, 2018)

Okay, now you have got an overview of the bandwidth of my Streetphotography work – I hope you like it.

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