Photos with blur motion

In this article I want to show a technique, which I use very often: The motion blur.

In other articles I’ve shown a few photos with motion blur before, but here I want to show something in detail.

If I shoot motion blur, then my camera normally has the following settings: shutter speed at 1/15 or 1/8, aperture in auto mode, auto-iso, continous mode with autofocus in area-mode. The light-metering is always in area measuring mode, so there is no change to my normal settings.

If there is a lot of light, for example in bright sunlight, then you should consider, that you will get overexposure. In this cases you should set the ISO to the lowest possible amount. Perhaps a ND-filter is also a solution.

Important is, that you should hold the camera as calm as possible. Because of my trembling hands it is mostly not easy. So then this happens:

(untitled, 2018)

More important than hold the camera calm is the choice of the right motif! You will need a fixed object in a moving environment. The right timing is a question of practice.

Very good are posters or shop windows:

(Motion blur, 2018)

And you will get amazing shots, if the poster has a message abaout motion: (for not Germans – on the poster is written: 6 days race, to be fast be worth it!)

(Hurry up, 2018)

Other good motifs are people standing still in a pedestrian zone, like in the picture shown before:

(Fast cyclist, 2018)

A place, where I prefer shooting motion blur is the central station or the subway-station. Because there are two situations, which are a good object: Lights and gangways.

Following an example of ceiling lighting with motion blur:

(Subway lights, 2018)

And an example of gangways with people hurrying up for the train:

(Subway station, 2018)

In the end I hope, that I’ve shown you interesting ideas for shooting motion blur.

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